#Mental Health Art Day

Thank you for being apart of our Mental Health Art Day! I hope I inspired you to start your own and help awareness of our mental illnesses and soldiers

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Mental Ilness is scary

I just witnessed mental illness firsthand,other than my family and myself.

Sitting on the train and this lady is moving back and forth, seeming very aggravated. Suddenly out of nowhere she starts cussing and yelling about this woman on the train who didn’t even say a word. A minute later she apologizes to my brother and I saying that she was sorry she yelled but she feeling constricted and the lady was looking at her (which she wasn’t). It scared me a little until I realized that my old friend mental illness was around, I then felt completely normal.

Mental illness is scary when it is sudden, but it’s always there, isn’t it?

Time for Self Love

Its Sunday, the kids are outside, your schedule is open, or your making it open for some SELF-LOVE!

Go take a bath

Watch your favorite movie



Do your hair or nails

Do something for yourself today, eve. If it’s for 10 mins. The more we know and love ourselves the less mental illness has us! 


No updates is an update

I am live from NYC and I’m doing well.

Last night I was a loser and went to bed at 10 pm, but that’s what happens when your on a schedule and your on vaca.

Visiting my brother and getting out of my own face is nice and refreshing. Getting on trains and buses really make you feel like you’ve been missing out.

Hopefully I bring this excitement into my own area and use it…

How is your weekend?

Judging from me, your not depressed! Or are you??

I have a co-worker that out-loud says that she is dealing with depression. More than once.


Depression is rock bottom. I know. I know that depression comes in many forms and to people everywhere! I know that when I was major depressed NOONE knew! I was so ashamed to let anyone know, other than my husband, that it pained me to go to work and pretend. I hated my who I was, I hated my life, everything was a mess.

So, when someone, like my co-worker, tells you multiple times that they are depressed…is this real? Do depressed people tell you outright that they are depressed?

Also, what do you say back when you’ve dealt with it but kind of feel…like…they aren’t really..

That is horrible to say! How do I know what she going through? How can I sit here and judge depression? The only reason I am saying this is because she is young, she is also at a job she has been at for a long time and that gets really really stale if you make it, she says she has gained weight, she came out of college thinking that she was going to be this BIG thing and realized that it not going to work out that way! Everything that happened to me when I was her age and just started out with my husband.

I feel like I know where she coming from.

So, is that depression or just growing pains? Looking back now, it was Mental Illness for me, but when does the line between Depression and “Its-Life!” meet?

What do you think?

You’re Just Like Me: Sarah

So, you have a Mental Illness?…Which One?

I have bipolar disorder, i was diagnosed when i was 18 after 2 years on anti-depressants and lots of blood, sweat and tears later. I had finished high school and when my parents realized it wasn’t ‘just the stress from school’ decided to listen to me. It was a battle to say the least, various doctors and visits to rehabs with creepy psychiatrists that with one look could make your skin crawl.


How do you cope/relax from your mental illness?

Coping and relaxing are in no way easy, but I’ve found that i’m best when i have a routine and keep busy. Boxing has proven to be the favorite form of therapy!!!


What are 3 words that you would describe how your illness makes you feel?

Three words that being bipolar makes me feel would be empty, frustrated and alone.


If you could talk to world leaders about mental illness, what would be the one thing you discuss?

If i was to talk to world leaders about mental illness, it would be on education- or rather the failings of it. That’s where the stigma and fear begins. Children are never educated on their feelings, therefore we need to implement forms of education that recognition, accept and most importantly don’t desensitize a generation because of the way knowledge is presented.


What is some advice you would give someone who is fighting mental illness?

To people with mental illnesses, there is always hope even if it comes from something small, hope is always there. Surround yourself with people who don’t make you feel invalid and will pick up a call from you in tears at 3am.


How can we keep in touch with you? (blog, Facebook, Twitter)



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Your just too nice!

i just learned from a co worker that I might come off “too nice”

Well if she saw me with no medicine then she understand why I’m too nice” or “too friendly”. It takes me a lot to be nice or friendly! Also I didnt know that others might not understand or like me just because of this!

They also said that people might think I’m lying or just being a goodie two shoes(which I have been called already)

Forget them! I’m nice because of good medication and that’s the way I want to be to people!

Feeling Wordless on WordPress

Nothing I want to say? Nothing I want to rant about?


Usually when I blog I have a topic, something I’ve been thinking about, or doing, or some mental health isses pops up on my feed and YOU KNOW I got to blog about it! This time, I have really nothing.

Other than the fact I’m blogging about blogging about nothing. (Still there??)

Its just my life has taken a hush factor. Since there is no more running thoughts and sleepless nights, I have been really…waiting.

Waiting for I-have-no-clue what, but waiting.

So, I’ll be reading your blogs more because of this hush factor. I want to be more involved in my community!